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Local Contractor Reviews of Custom Plumbing Services, Inc.

Recently, Barry Samsel and his team fixed a botched shower pan that was improperly installed (by someone else) and leaked into the bedroom destroying the flooring. They did a terrific job finding the issues, repairing and installing a new shower pan. They were prompt and very professional. I was pleased with the quality of work and communication throughout the process. They were also very reasonable in the charge of the repairs. (I had some ridiculous quotes from other companies.) After this latest freeze I had a water pipe break, after business hours of course, called Barry and he came over to make sure it was secure for the evening and returned the next morning with the parts and fixed it right up! Excellent service and again..super reasonable charge!! I've got them on speed dial and will recommend them to anyone needing a quality plumbing service!!

Jeannie P.

Two fellows arrived to install my bathtub, laid the mortar bed for the bub, connected both the water and drain lines, did a fantastic job for me!

Bill P.

Custom Plumbing Services is an excellent company. Very professional, reliable, knowledgeable and friendly. Excellent, efficient service with experienced staff.

Cathy C.

Best price in town. I went with a tankless water heater, and am very pleased. The install for it went well, and Barry went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. If you have any issues with your install or labor, let Barry know and he will take care of you.

Anthony M.